Malbec Wine Exclusivly from Barrancas


Barrancas Terroir

     At the southern tip of Maipu, across the Rio Mendoza, lies the small area of Barrancas, an old and fertile river valley with rich alluvial deposits from the Andes.  Some of the oldest and most respected names in Argentine wine are our neighbors.  Toso, Flichman, Agostino, Domiciano, Gauchezco to name a few.

     The beloved combination of altitude (760 mtrs/ 2,490 ft) abundant sunshine (well over 300 days per year), water and perfect loamy, excellent pourous soil allows us to grow some of the very best malbec grapes anywhere in the world.

     Bella Luna's rootstock is from the old and vernerable Toso vines, growing and producing superior malbec grapes. With close consulting with our famous neighbors, we are meticulous in our pruning, watering and fertilizing programs which generates excellent yields and quality.

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Bulk shipments to anywhere in the world

     We are a flexible operation that cater's to our clients specific needs.  If all you need is bulk malbec wine FOB Mendoza with no further assistance, we are here for you.  

     If you ask us to provide logistical support to get your wine to its destination, we exclusivly have partnered with JF Hillebrand  in Mendoza using their VinBulk flexitank system. With them we arrange loading and shipping to Chile, where it is then onloaded to the ship and onto your desired destination. 

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Our wine

     Bella Luna itself provides some 50,000 liters of quality malbec wine, and in conjunction with our Barrancas grape growers, we can easily supply you an additional 450,000 liters of Barrancas grown malbec. For greater volumes, we of course would need detailed information on your requirements.  

     We use award winning vintners and the most modern of facilities to make our wine.  We can custom blend to your tastes with 100% malbec, or blend with Barrancas grown cabernet or syrah.

Wine Inquiries

We can supply wine throught the year, but there are some times better than others. It's best to plan ahead with both quality and volume to meet your needs. Drop us a note to get started!

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Finca Bella Luna y Oasis de Estrella's

Calle Italo Argentina, Barrancas, Maipu, Mendoza, Argentina