Come visit the vineyards

A working vineyard and finca

The Vines


Finca Bella Luna was primarily a plum  and olive orchard for decades.  The fields were primarily in vines until about 1970, when vines with obsolete grape varieties were replaced with about 5,000 plum trees.  In turn those plum trees have been cleared and returned to about 6ha (15 acres) of Malbec grapes.  Our root stock is from Toso Vineyards, giving us a hardy and robust young vine that should last for decades to come.



Lesser know to the outside world is the deep and rich history of olives in Mendoza.  The climate here reminded the immigrants from the Medeterrian Sea regions of their homelands and saw the potential of replicating what they had back in the old world.  Our olive trees are about 125 years old, with most of our production going to the making of olive oil.



Who can resist a ripe summer peach? We have about 350 peach trees of different varieties that are harvested in mid-December to the end of January.



Plums are  highly desirable but finnicay fruit to grow that need a tremendous amount of labor hours to bring to market.  We rotated out about 5,000 plum trees to return the land to vines.  Today we have about 200 plum trees, primarily of the classic Santa Rosa variety.  Generally harvested in late January or into February.

Various other Fruit Trees


Scattered around the Finca are several fruit trees, such as apples of different varieties, apricots, pears, cherries, both black and white figs, and lemon and orange trees.  We harvest these for our own use here on the Finca and our guests!

Apiculture (Bee Keeping)


In the past few years we have kept honey bee hives for pollination, honey and simply because it is fun and interesting.  Today our hives are vacant, waiting for the Finca owner to renew his time and interest to make the hives productive once again.  

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