Our Amazing Neighbors, all within a 5 minute drive from us

Pascual Toso


Established in 1890 by Italian immigrants, passion and innovation are the bywords at Toso.  Wines of unparalleled quality and distinction. 

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Bodega Finca Agostino


Take a bike tour through their extensive vines, tour their world class wine making facility........and don't forget lunch!  An exquisite world class offering of distinctive and sumptuous meals.  

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Finca Flichman


Established in 1910, one of the oldest and most prestigious wine producers in Argentina.  Purchased from the founding family in 1998 by Sogrape (the largest wine producer in Portugal) has only enhanced its quality and reputation.  Tour their astounding wine production facility and have a tasting in the magnificent colonial estancia.

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Federico de Alvear


Specalizing in Espumantes (sparling wines similar to champagne), 

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Bodega Domiciano


Domiciano is known for harvesting their grapes only at night. Their actual wine making facility is in Maipu, but their beautiful Barrancas vines produce their spectacular wines.

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Gauchezco Vinyard and Winery


Gauchezco was founded in 1881 by the Governor of the Provence of Mendoza and therefore is a founding vinyard in Barrancas.

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Pannuzio Wines

Italian style winemaking at its best, married to the highest quality processing anywhere.


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